Picture Directory


We are updating our Picture Directory and want 100% participation!  Please click here to schedule your photography appointment online. 

A couple things to keep in mind when you schedule your appointment. 

  • The time you schedule your appointment is your arrival time, after you complete a little paperwork you will be called back to have your photos taken.
  • If you are related to other parish families and wish to have a generational picture or one of all the grandchildren made, etc., then each family must schedule an appointment and the generational/grandchildren or other picture would be a separate apointment time. For example, Family A 10:00 am, Family B 10:10 am, children from Family A & B 10:20 am.

Please note the site will be disabled on Saturdays & Sundays while in-person appointments are made before and after Mass. This will avoid any scheduling conflicts.